Yet another Celebrity Masterchef contestant has served up raw meat

Comedian Abdullah Afzal disappointed judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode with an underdone roast chicken


This season the celebs on MasterChef are showing exactly why they’re in showbiz rather than cooking up a storm for a living – last night, yet another contestant served up raw meat, to the dismay of judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode.


Comedian Abdullah Afzal – best known for his role in BBC sitcom Citizen Khan – produced an underdone roast chicken with paprika, double cream and lemon. The meal was right out of the uni students cookbook, with lumps of uncooked flour and garlic, and – to the judges’ horror – hot sauce.

“You’re chicken leg and thigh is undercooked, the breast is just cooked,” John said. “You have lumps of uncooked flour. You have lumps of uncooked garlic. And to add insult to injury you put hot chilli sauce inside it.”

Gregg Wallace felt it was doomed from the beginning: “It started badly, the middle wasn’t great and then it kind of fell away at the end.”

However, like Ulrika Johnson who served up raw lamb last week, Afzal still snuck through to the next round, with Patti Boulaye facing the axe in his stead. He managed to pull it back with a cod pakora starter that was praised for having “buckets of flavour”, and his spice mix recipe went down particularly well:

“I hope that dish doesn’t stay in their minds, because that’s not me, that’s not my cooking,” Afzal said later. We hope not!


Celebrity Masterchef airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC1