Emmerdale: Scarlett Archer on huge Nell twist – “There’s still more to come!”

Nell's lies have been exposed, but it's not the end of the story...

Jai is fuming to discover the extent of Nells lies

Emmerdale’s Nell Fairfax has been exposed as a disturbed fantasist who has been lying to boyfriend Jai Sharma about her entire life since the day they met.


Confirming fan theories that Nell was not to be trusted from her first appearance at one of Jai’s narcotics anonymous meetings, a dramatic hour-long instalment revealed the staggering extent of Nell’s deceit.

Following Jai’s bizarre discovery in this evening’s earlier episode that the picture Nell claimed to be of her dead baby girl Rosie was used in dozens of photo frames in a department store, the shocked Mr Sharma immediately went looking for answers.

Going to the graveyard where he and Nell stood at the sidelines during Rosie’s ‘funeral’ a few months ago, Jai collared the vicar who performed the service and learnt the child that passed away had never been taken into care – in fact the vicar knew the parents throughout the pregnancy and even performed the baby’s christening. Nell had lied about the whole thing…

Arriving home, he rifled through his other half’s belongings and unearthed a folder hidden away full of newspaper cuttings and torn out pictures, among them an article on the death of his ex Holly Barton, who died of a drug overdose. It started to dawn on Jai that Nell had not only lied about the baby, she’d lied about her entire life.

Jai reacts badly on learning what Nell has been doing

As Jai confronted her with his disturbing discoveries, manic Nell was forced to admit she’d fabricated an elaborate backstory and deliberately sought him out at the recovery meeting having read up on Holly’s demise – and that she wasn’t pregnant and had never even been on drugs.

Breaking down as it emerged her entire existence had been made up, Nell desperately tried to convince Jai not to abandon her and that they could still be together – but the horrified factory boss left her wailing on the floor of the village hall as he reeled from the shocking turn of events.

Speaking out about this twist in the tale, actress Scarlett Archer confirmed she had known about the direction of the storyline all along: “It’s been absolutely amazing knowing the whole way through there was this twist coming. It has been difficult keeping it a secret though, I didn’t even tell my friends and family as they’d been enjoying the storyline so I wanted to see their genuine reaction!”


The haunting final shot of the episode saw Nell appear at the farm and glaring menacingly at Moira Barton, who she had bonded with earlier over losing ‘Rosie’, which we now know was all faked. It didn’t look like Nell wanted a friendly chat with the farmer – could Moira be in danger from the unstable fantasist?

“Nell and Moira had this connection, but Moira doesn’t know about all the lies. We’ll see some more interaction between them and there’s plenty more to come with the storyline – a few more shocks and twists and we get an insight into Nell’s state of mind and why she might’ve done this.

“As for Jai, it’s a horrible thing to have someone lie through your entire relationship like this. The fallout is going to be massive for him.”

What will nutty Nell’s next move be? Should we be worried for Moira? What is the true story of Nell’s past? Is her name even Nell?! The storyline is expected to unravel further tomorrow…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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