Emmerdale: Jai discovers Nell’s baby lie – what happens next?

Looks like she never even had a daughter. Unless the baby was a photo frame model...


Emmerdale just delivered a surprise twist suggesting Nell Fairfax lied about having a baby daughter as Jai Sharma made an alarming discovery.


In the first third of tonight’s epic 90 minutes of Dales drama (there’s an hour-long episode on the way at 8pm), loved-up Jai was in a department store having just bought an engagement ring, and was happily picking out baby clothes for his and Nell’s new arrival after she found out yesterday she was pregnant.


But as Jai perused the store he noticed a display of picture frames all containing the same, somewhat familiar,  image – the photograph Nell carries around with her of her late daughter Rosie. The effect was quite disturbing and rather creepy.


Back in the village, tearful Nell was holding the picture and bonding with Moira Dingle over the pain of losing a child, with Nell opening her heart about how much she missed her baby.

So how did this exact same picture end up in every photo frame in the shop? That’s exactly what baffled Jai was wondering as he stood, frozen to the spot wondering if Nell had made the whole thing up (fading up Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies playing in the background was a neat touch…).


Fans have speculated since Nell arrived in the show she might not be all she seems, and have questioned details of her backstory.

When the news came a few months ago that Rosie had died, Nell and Jai attended the funeral – although she insisted they watch from the sidelines as she felt she wouldn’t be welcome since the the child had been taken into care by social services. Now it appears Nell might have never even had a baby…


Will Jai confront Nell about what he’s seen in the shop? Could this tip him back to his bad old ways? Will he turn violent as he demands the truth? A showdown is surely brewing between the pair as there are many questions that need answering.

Whatever this baby picture business actually means, it’s going to require a fair bit of explanation from Nell. Let’s hope she provides it in the hour-long episode of Emmerdale at 8pm…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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