Emmerdale: Fiona Wade interview – “I don’t know if Leyla can ever forgive Priya for sleeping with Pete”

The betrayal between the best friends is out in the open tonight - and things get violent!

Leyla reacts to the news Priya has been sleeping with Pete

The showdown we’ve all been waiting for is happening in tonight’s Emmerdale, as Leyla Harding discovers the real reason her engagement to Pete Barton collapsed – because he was sleeping with her bridesmaid and best friend Priya Kotecha.


Viewers saw Pete confide in mum Emma last night he’d cheated on Leyla, and in this evening’s episodes mad Ma Barton confronts minxy Priya and ends up spilling the beans to the woman who was nearly her daughter-in-law (if both the bride and groom hadn’t simultaneously jilted each other at the altar last month, of course).

Fiona Wade, who plays Priya, reveals how Leyla reacts, what we can expect from the inevitable catfight, and whether the betrayal can ever be forgiven… Emmerdale fans take note, there’s a bumper helping of Dales drama tonight as the usual 7pm showing is followed by an hour-long special at 8pm.

How does Leyla find out about Priya and Pete?

Pete has told his mum Emma he’s had an affair with Priya, they were having a heart-to-heart in the previous episode. Emma confronts Priya tonight, Leyla overhears this but doesn’t quite know what’s going on, then Emma blurts it right out to Leyla right there! It’s all very shocking and happens so fast.

How does Leyla react?

At first she thinks it’s all a bit weird and Priya tries to convince her that Emma’s crazy and just saying mad things, but there’s part of Priya that doesn’t want to lie any more even though she doesn’t want her friend to find out like this. Leyla asks her outright and her face says it all, she cannot keep up the lie any longer.

We know there’s a fight between the ladies – should Priya be scared?!

It’s going to be a fight for sure! No fists, though, more of a catfight… Your best friend finds out you’ve been sleeping with her fiancée, then understandably you’d go a bit crazy!

Priya feels Leyla's wrath

Can Leyla ever forgive Priya for this?

This is the tricky part and where it gets interesting – partners can usually work it out in the end but when a friendship is betrayed it’s awful. Trust is the thing between friends, so I don’t know if they can rebuild it after such an awful betrayal. Leyla has been the only friend Priya’s had through all her bad times, and she’s losing that. I’m not sure, it’s going to be interesting.

Where does Priya go from here? She’s lost her husband now her best mate…

She’s a strong woman and has picked herself up over and over after all her setbacks. She’s a mother, she runs the family business so has something to get up in the morning for. This will be hard but she’s strong and I think she’ll be doing everything she can to mend the friendship with Leyla, and won’t rest until she does. It’s a huge loss and she’ll want that friendship back in her life for sure.

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