EastEnders: Max leaves Jane to die!

Max's revenge plan gets deadly!

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Max Branning has sunk to new depths in tonight’s EastEnders, leaving nemesis Jane Beale to perish in a burning restaurant.


After saving daughter Abi from a flame-filled Beales’, Max was then faced with the choice of rescuing Jane or abandoning her to her fate.

Tense scenes saw Max yell at fire-starter Steven to flee before telling Jane that he wanted to see her pay for letting him go to prison.

Recalling the moment when he’d been found guilty for a crime he didn’t commit, Max reminded Jane that she knew he was innocent of murdering Lucy, the real killer of course being young Bobby Beale.

Determined to make everyone who’d wronged him pay, Max then took the fire blanket from the kitchen and dashed through the flames, ditching Jane in the process.

Appearing coughing and spluttering in the open air, Max proceeded to lie and tell Ian that he’d done his best to find Jane, but had ultimately been unable to locate her.

EastEnders fans have already been informed that at least one character won’t be making it through the week alive. However, Jane is only one of a slew of show regulars currently at risk.


As Steven, Abi and Johnny (the latter having been shot in a separate incident) were taken away in separate ambulances, one of the vehicles in question was involved in a crash.

Viewers have yet to discover which of the injured parties is affected – although recent paparazzi pictures showed the Carters in crisis at the scene of an ambulance smash-up, all of which suggests that Johnny’s ambulance is the one to have flipped onto its side.

The BBC1 soap returns tomorrow at 8.00pm for its final episode of the week when all – hopefully – will be revealed…

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