Home and Away: Mason Morgan wakes from his coma, but will he walk again?

There's a long road to recovery ahead after the horrific car crash


Prepare for emotional scenes in Home and Away next week when Mason Morgan finally wakes from his coma, only to be faced with the possibility he may never walk again.


Recovering in hospital after the horrific car crash caused by evil drug dealer Zannis which nearly killed him and brother Brody, Mason’s family are keeping a constant vigil at his bedside praying for him to wake up.


When doctors decide to take him off the ventilator to try and help him regain consciousness, the Morgans pray it will work and that there’s no permanent damage to his spinal cord. However, when Mason’s sister Dr Tori and her colleagues are forced to admit defeat when the fragile patient struggles to breath unaided and his body goes into failure.

Realising Mason’s spinal shock hasn’t quite worn off, hospital staff decide to wait a few days before they try again.


Tearful Tori takes solace in pal Ash’s arms as she fears for her brother’s future  – much to the annoyance of Ash’s girlfriend Kat Chapman who’s already convinced the pair are heading for a full-on fling.

There’s better news for the Morgans when Mason eventually wakes up and is responding to Tori, but the joy is short-lived when he admits he can’t feel his legs…

Distraught over the possibility he might not be able to walk, the family wait nervously trying to keep Mason optimistic as doctors run tests to determine the extent of the damage.


Thankfully, Mason starts to get sensation back in his legs, and test results reveal that once the swelling on the spine goes down he should regain more feeling. Buoyed at the hopeful diagnosis, it’s not quite a happy ending for Mason as he insists brother Brody is not told anything – widening the divide in the fractured family.

As Mason struggles to recover from his ordeal, he worries he’s not strong enough to leave the hospital and fears he could be stuck in the bed forever… Can his family rally round and help him through? And will he ever speak to Brody again?


Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.