Twitter is using the hashtag #WomanningUp to put Piers Morgan in his place

The Good Morning Britain presenter equated bravery with “manning up” – and it did not go down well

piers morgan

Piers Morgan has said something controversial on Twitter… again.


On Monday he tweeted that he’d be showing up to present Good Morning Britain even though his ribs were broken, but the point of contention was his hashtag…

Morgan had injured himself on holiday in the Caribbean, when he was “walking with two tennis rackets, two tennis ball tubes and two bananas”.

The presenter insisted he was in agony as he reunited with long-suffering co-host Susanna Reid, but his martyrdom failed to convince her.

Morgan said: “As I’ve been saying these last three years, you have to man up when these things happen.

“I mean, I could have stayed in bed, lying there with my broken bones, feeling sorry for myself. But no, children, I came in and I manned up. It’s called rising to the challenge that life may throw you. So here I am in agony.”

Susanna then quipped: “And here we are, in agony, listening to Piers moaning.”

The women of Twitter were also unimpressed, adopting their own hashtag – #WomanningUp – to give Piers a sense of perspective…


Women of Twitter 1 – Piers Morgan 0.