Peppa Pig episode pulled off air in Australia for telling children ‘spiders can’t hurt you’

Spiders almost certainly can't hurt you... unless you live in Australia. In which case, they definitely can

Peppa Pig episode banned in Australia over spider message

Peppa Pig doesn’t usually get embroiled in controversy, but an episode of the CBeebies programme has been pulled from Australian TV for the second time.


The episode, titled Mister Skinny Legs, was originally broadcast in the UK in 2004 and sees George befriending a spider he finds lurking in the basin, picking him up and tucking it into bed. Daddy Pig also tells Peppa that spiders are small and “can’t hurt you”.

The episode was “accidentally published online” in Australia in 2012 “due to a technical problem” after national public broadcaster, the ABC, had deemed it “inappropriate for Australian audiences” and removed it from online publication.

However, five years after its ban, the episode was aired on 25th August on Nick Jr – a children’s channel available on the Australian pay TV service Foxtel. It led to one mother complaining to the channel about the content, owing to the fact that around 50 species of dangerous spider live in Australia.

Nick Jr reportedly initially refused to pull the episode, saying Mister Skinny Legs “did not look real”.

“The episode is light-hearted, friendly and very mild in impact; the overarching message of the episode is about respecting all creatures,” it said.

However, the channel has since performed a U-turn, confirming that the episode has been removed from their roster.


Who’d have thought Peppa could cause so much drama?