Emmerdale: Liv returns – will she reunite Aaron and Robert?

Will #Robron fans get their wish?


Liv Flaherty makes her return to Emmerdale next week – and is dismayed to find that her brother Aaron has split up with Robert.


Young Liv has been away from the village since March looking after her sick mum Sandra but will turn up unexpectedly at Mill Cottage. Aaron wastes no time in berating his sister, telling her that she shouldn’t have travelled alone and without telling anyone.

But Liv fires back that she can’t believe Aaron has ended things with Robert in her absence.


The bombshells keep coming for Liv when she’s told all about Rebecca’s pregnancy and how Aaron can’t handle the prospect of her having Robert’s baby.

But despite all the obstacles standing in Aaron and Robert’s way, Liv still decides that the two of them should be together and makes it her mission to see #Robron reunited.

But can she persuade her brother to give things another go with Robert? Or will her pleas fall on deaf ears?

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