EastEnders: Steven leaves Jane to die in Beales’ fire?

An arson attack put Jane's life at risk


Steven Beale has committed arson (and maybe even murder!) on tonight’s EastEnders after setting fire to Beales’ restaurant with a helpless Jane Beale trapped inside.


A vengeful Steven was seen taking away both Jane’s crutches and mobile phone before dousing the upmarket eatery in spirits and striking a match.

Jane’s fate remains to be seen, though with show bosses having revealed that at least one character will die as a result of this week’s high-profile drama, the outlook certainly isn’t looking good.

EastEnders Jane Fire

In the run-up to the fire being started, Steven was seen getting manipulated by Max Branning into believing that Jane wanted shot of him.

Fuelled by insecurities about not being Ian’s favoured son, Steven ended up lashing out, blaming Jane for the tensions within the family in the wake of Lucy’s murder, as well as the wrongful incarceration of Max.

The fact that Jane had also worked out that he’d been lying about having a brain tumour also galvanised Steven into taking action.

Jane was last seen crying on the floor as the flames inched closer, with fans now having to wait until Thursday at 7.30pm to see how the tense situation resolves itself. Will it be RIP Jane? Or are events set to take a fresh twist?

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