EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley on Karen’s bra-strap backlash!

The actress finds the criticisms "hilarious"


EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley has spoken out following pleas by fans of the BBC1 soap for her character Karen Taylor to pull up her bra strap.


Karen’s hanging undergarments have attracted many comments on Twitter, with viewers really hoping that the bra situation gets sorted soon.

Now, Stanley has said to Inside Soap: “There’s been a big thing about her bra strap – which I find hilarious – people just want me to pull it up!”


And will she comply with the demands of EastEnders devotees? “I might do it in a scene so everyone at home can have a cheer.”

Stanley also said that she now feels a true part of life in Albert Square following the Taylors’ debut back in June.

“I feel really settled – the reaction has been great and very positive, with people saying they love Karen,” the actress said.

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