EastEnders: Bernadette mourns following Taylor tragedy

Tensions boil over after Bernadette loses her baby


Bernadette Taylor is to fall out with mum Karen in the wake of her devastating miscarriage. The EastEnders newcomers look set to come to blows in the wake of the baby tragedy that leaves the family in a state of grief.


Next week’s episodes of the BBC1 soap see Bernadette struggling to come to terms with her loss and begging Karen to take her to the hospital, so she can say goodbye to her baby.

And yet despite her daughter’s pleas, Karen makes the decision to go without her, a course of action that leaves a hurting Bernadette feeling angry.

Events will then come to a head when Bernadette arranges to meet Callum (the father of the baby) at the allotments, only to be left in a panic when Karen takes the rest of the Taylors there to pay tribute.

When Karen and Keegan spot Callum waiting for Bernadette, they soon work out that he is the baby’s father. But how will they react when realisation dawns? And will this lead to fresh tension for the Taylors?


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