Innuendos live on in The Great British Bake Off – thanks to Noel Fielding

Forget soggy bottoms, it's all about Noel Fielding's moist clutches and powerful piping skills

Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding

Channel 4 may have declared that The Great British Bake Off would abandon its “soggy bottom” innuendos, but it seems new presenter Noel Fielding hasn’t got the memo. Either that or he got the memo and ate it instead.


While Sandi Toksvig has kept her sense of humour pretty clean, it is her Bake Off co-host who has gleefully embraced the smutty puns with some excellently knowing lines.

Now, we should start by saying that Mel and Sue are unquestionably the queens of Bake Off innuendo. They inserted suggestive wordplay wherever they found a gaping hole in the script and they never missed a chance to whip out a good pun. But in their absence, it is Fielding who has assumed the mantle and taken on the enormous responsibility of making baking innuendos.

Bake Off tea and cake

“Looking forward to the moist clutch,” he said in episode one, as Stacey Hart created a black clutch bag out of cake.

Then there was a phallic champagne bottle top. “What’s happening here?” Fielding asked Sophie Faldo, wiggling his eyebrows. “Should have seen it before I started sculpting,” she shot back.

And when it came to the technical challenge – 12 mini rolls – Fielding was delighted when Sandi told the contestants not to worry about leaving a “bare bottom”.

“If there’s an opportunity to keep the bottom exposed, we should all embrace that,” he said. “I’m planning on taking my trousers off when Paul and Prue do the judging.”

On to episode two, and Fielding had a field day when Sophie suggested he grab a piping bag and help out. “I’m known as the powerful piper,” he declared.

Not that Sandi’s letting Noel have it all his own way in the Bake Off Innuendo Bingo: “You have two minutes to bring this to a fruity conclusion!” she announced at the end of this week. “And who doesn’t want that?”


The Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4