Hollyoaks: Amy’s killer to be revealed TONIGHT!

Only a few hours to wait...


Hollyoaks have confirmed that the identity of Amy Barnes’s killer will be revealed in tonight’s E4 episode.


As trial week continues, Ste Hay stands accused of murdering his ex and the mother of his children back in March. Friday’s cliffhanger saw crooked lawyer James Nightingale admit he’d been setting Ste up by trying to frame him for the crime, only to reveal he knows who really killed Amy.

4727 Ste Court

Is James telling the truth? Is this how viewers will discover who the killer is? What if James is lying and playing mind games with arch-enemy Ste? Will the killer reveal themselves to any other characters or will it only be the audience in the know?

4727 Leah and Lucas

Fan theories in the last few days have pointed to one of Amy’s kids, Leah or Lucas, being involved with the murder. And Amy’s widower Ryan Knight is looking pretty shifty as he had previously assisted James’s plot to set up Ste. Then there’s Ste’s lover Harry Thompson, Amy’s stalker Gavin Armstrong and even James himself also having their own motives – and Ste himself still can’t be discounted, even without James and Ryan’s fake evidence there’s still a strong case against Mr Hay.

4727 Tegan Leah and Lucas

Interestingly, the news of tonight’s revelation comes ahead of Thursday’s episode which contains the verdict of Ste’s trial. Does that tell us that Ste is definitely not the killer, or is it yet another red herring in Hollyoaks’ biggest blockbuster plot of 2017? And what light will the flashbacks to the night of the murder coming up in this week’s episodes shed on proceedings?

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