EastEnders: Max attacks Steven as Jane threatens to expose their sick lies

Explosion week starts with a bang tomorrow...

Week 36 - Steven and Max2

EastEnders kicks off an explosive week tomorrow as Max Branning discovers Jane Beale knows her stepson Steven has been lying about having a brain tumour.


As Jane threatens to expose his deceit to dad Ian and fiancee Lauren Branning, desperate Steven turns to Max for help – but the baldy bad boy is not pleased that Mrs Beale is now in the know and fears his involvement in the tumour scam will be revealed, which could unearth the bigger picture of uncovering Max’s grand plan with the Weyland company which Steven has also become embroiled in.

Week 36 - Steven and Max

Turning on the beleaguered Mr Beale, Max gets angry and orders his future son-in-law (like that’s going to happen now…) to fix the problem with Jane himself once and for all, and to make sure his name is kept out of it.

Tomorrow’s episode ends with a bang when an accidental gas explosion rocks the square, causing chaos for the residents and putting lives on the line.

In the midst of the disaster, Jane and Steven have an intense showdown at Beales’ restaurant – with EastEnders confirming there will be at least one death next week, how far will Steven go to silence his stepmother and protect both his and Max’s sinister secrets?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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