Emmerdale: Dan punches Daz when they’re reunited tonight

Looks like the Spencer siblings won't be playing happy families

Emmerdale, Dan Spencer, Daz Spencer

Emmerdale’s Spencer brothers come to blows tonight when Dan discovers his brother Daz is back – and judging by this first look at their reunion they’re unlikely to end up on a future episode of Long Lost Family as Daz dishes out a punch to his deceptive sibling.


Down-on-his-luck Daz returned to the village earlier this week as part of Harriet Finch’s drive to help the homeless, and was ashamed as he admitted to Kerry Wyatt he he’s been living on the streets after a run of misfortune.


Three years ago, Daz was run out of town when he robbed the local shop and made a move on Kerry – his brother Dan’s fiancee – and nothing has been heard of him since, until he was spotted begging on a street corner last week in a surprise comeback.

Caring Ms Wyatt took Daz in last night when he stepped off the bible bus and spruced him up ahead of a job interview, but the estranged Spencer made it clear he didn’t want to see his little brother Dan.

But tonight the pair are face-to-face again, and it’s clear there’s still bad blood between the brothers as they end up in a fistfight.


With Mark Jordon having signed up for a long-term return to Emmerdale as Daz, what does the future hold for the Spencers? Can they resolve their differences? Will Dan be able to forgive Daz for his past wrongdoings? And will Daz open up about what’s led to him becoming homeless?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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