EastEnders: Fi Browning reveals mysterious link to Josh Hemmings – our top theories

The snooty blonde is in cahoots with the city slicker... what's going on?


It appears there’s more to EastEnders’ icy businesswoman Fi Browning than we first thought, as tonight’s episode revealed she’s linked to city worker Josh Hemmings when she made a secret phone call to Lauren Branning’s ex-boss and asked if they could meet up. Fi also displayed an attraction to Mick Carter when she tried to kiss the landlord after she opened up to him about the tragic death of her mother.


Seeing as we learnt more about Fi in half an hour than we have in her four months in Walford, there’s a lot to digest. Has she always fancied Mick and been biding her time to make a pass? And more importantly, what exactly is her link to Josh? Here are our top theories on what could connect the hunky Hemmings to the ballbreaking Browning…


The most obvious explanation is a romantic entanglement – her flirty tone on the phone certainly suggested that: “I really need to see you… let’s have some fun!” Fi’s firm Grafton Hill is  part of the Weyland company where Josh works, and machiavellian Max Branning has had dealings with both places via his secret affair with Fi and his relationship with the shady ‘Chairman’ played by Simon Williams who appears sporadically to deliver cryptic dialogue about a wicked plan to take over Albert Square. The Chairman once referred to Fi as “our girl in the Vic”… Are Fi and Josh the ones who are really pulling the strings and using Max?


During Ms Browning’s emotional monologue to Mick about her mother’s suicide when Fi was just 17 that ripped her family apart, she mentioned a younger brother who she had to break the terrible news to, something which still haunts her. If Josh isn’t a secret fling, could he perhaps be a secret sibling? Is the Weyland/Grafton Hill conglomerate a family affair?


Sticking with the theory the pair could be related, what if Fi is Josh’s mum? The ages just about work, if Fi gave birth when she was in her teens, and young mums are ten a penny in EastEnders (and soaps in general come to think of it). Although the aforementioned phone flirting would make this a bit icky, so we could be wide of the mark with this one. Actually we hope we are, as we’d rather not contemplate the possibility that EastEnders is going the full Game of Thrones with some seriously dark and twisted incestuous family dynamics. Please, no.

Something other?

There are other possibilities of course: Fi is a total fraudster and made up the whole dead mum sob story to get Mick on side so Grafton Hill can properly swipe the Queen Vic from the Carters? Fi and Josh have teamed up to  get Josh’s rival Max out of the way? Fi and Josh have both been secretly hired by Max’s exes Tanya,  Kirsty and Rachel (Bradley’s mum) to destroy him? Fi is a secret member of the Carter family who they abandoned and has to come to get her own back on the clan by destroying their livelihood? Fi was once turned down for a job as a barmaid and has gone off, had plastic surgery and come back to destroy Walford and deliberately starts next week’s gas explosion? Fi is a figment of Shirley’s imagination…?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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