EastEnders: Abi pregnant! Jane threatens to expose Steven’s tumour lie! Here’s what happens next

Steven's sick deceit finally catches up with him


Steven Beale’s brain tumour lie was finally rumbled in tonight’s EastEnders when stepmum Jane confronted him and threatened to reveal the shocking truth to the rest of the family – but that wasn’t the only twist in the tale, as the episode also revealed Steven’s lover Abi Branning is pregnant.


With her suspicions piqued by the discovery that her supposedly sick stepson was taking medication clearly taken from a vets’ and meant for animals, Jane demanded answers from Steven and Abi and got a pack of (yet more) lies from the barmy Beale boy about how his original meds weren’t strong enough and he’d begged Abi to get him pet pills after reading about them online.


However, thanks to that tried and tested soap trick of being overheard on the baby monitor, a clandestine conversation between Steven and Abs upstairs while they tended to crying Louie revealed the real story to fuming Jane who chucked Abi out so she could speak to Steven in private…

Emotional Steven explained this had all started because he was scared of losing Lauren when her head was turned by boss Josh Hemmings, and he feared if they split he’d lose Louie – so marrying Ms Branning would give him a better chance of getting custody, or at least playing a part in the boy’s life.


Admitting getting involved with his twisted future sister-in-law was a mistake, Steven pleaded with Jane not to tell Ian and suggested he dump Abs, leave Walford alone for ‘treatment’ then return down the line claiming there’d been a miracle cure and they could put this whole icky business behind them.

Jane chose to stay silent but not for long as the episode with her issuing a threat to Steven that if he didn’t come lean to Ian and Lauren, then she will – sooner rather than later.


Meanwhile, Abi was seen back at home with a big grin on her face cradling a positive pregnancy test – which puts yet another massive spanner in the works of this slow-burning epic plot, which is quite literally about to blow up.

Tonight’s dramas set the scene for ‘explosion week‘ which kicks off on Monday when a gas leak leads to a blast in the square during the Walford in Bloom celebrations. The Beales and Brannings take centre stage as Max manipulates Steven into shutting Jane up once and for all before she blabs, leading to a showdown at Beales restaurant where Steven takes a match to the eatery.

EastEnders have already confirmed at least one character will perish as a result of the explosion – could Jane’s days be numbered? Aaron Sidwell is leaving the show so Steven could also meet his maker, but with the entire community caught up in the disaster it appears no one is safe…

The big question now is: how will Steven react to Abi’s baby bombshell? And will spiteful Abs tell her sister she’s been knocked up by her fiancé?

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