Ulrika Jonsson gets through to next round of Celebrity MasterChef despite serving raw lamb – and viewers are not happy

"How did Ulrika get through when her lamb was so raw it could have climbed off the plate and got back into the field?!"

ulrika jonsson masterchef

Ulrika Jonsson has managed to get through to the next stage of Celebrity MasterChef, even though she served up raw lamb.


Judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode were less than impressed with the TV presenter’s dish, which they refused to eat because it was uncooked.

“I wish I hadn’t seen the lamb,’ said Torode. “Your salsa verde is absolutely delicious, so is your bean puree. I’m sorry, I can’t eat the lamb.”

Wallace added: “I believe you had time to rescue this. Two or three of those cutlets in a pan, I believe John and I would have been in raptures.”

Despite this, however, Jonsson made it through to the next round, as broadcaster Aasmah Mir was sent home.

“I’m absolutely shocked but hugely relieved. I feel like I’ve been given another chance, hopefully,” Jonsson admitted afterwards.

And she wasn’t the only one who was surprised, as viewers took to Twitter to share their bafflement…

Actor Nick Moran, opera singer Lesley Garrett and former CBBC presenter Barney Harwood also made it through Wednesday night’s show.


Celebrity MasterChef continues on Friday night at 8.30pm on BBC1.