Emmerdale: Robert rages as his plan to poison Lawrence backfires – what will he do next?

Could he resort to murder to wipe out the Whites?


Robert Sugden’s sneaky plot to drug Lawrence White and take over at Home Farm seems to have failed, despite going to desperate lengths in tonight’s Emmerdale double bill by tampering with medical tests and setting off fire alarms. What will he do next?


The Sugden snake has been secretly poisoning his former father-in-law while he recovers from a burst aneurysm by drugging his cognac and waiting for him to be incapacitated – with the long game being that rascal Rob gets his feet under the table by ‘helping’ to run the White family business and usurps Lawrence as lord of the manor.


But the best laid plans of soap villains often go awry, and by the end of this evening’s Emmerdale Robert was back to square one.

When Rebecca called the doctor to the big house to take some blood tests to get to the bottom of her dad’s mysterious bout of illness (no one checked the drinks cabinet, clearly), Rob panicked as he feared his drugging was about to be exposed.

Breaking into the doctors’ surgery by setting off the fire alarm and switching Larry’s blood samples so they didn’t show up anything suspicious, he was caught in the act by nutty nurse Emma Barton. Thinking on his feet, resourceful Robert managed to spin her a sob story that he was addicted to prescription painkillers to cope with the trauma of splitting from Aaron Dingle and he was desperate for a fix.


Nurse Barton bought it (solidarity among soap psychos in action), but it wasn’t enough as Rebecca later dropped by the scrapyard office and told her ex-lover/brother-in-law and sometime-business partner the ‘good news’ – she’d had a word with Lawrence and he was going to pack in the booze and get back to running the businesses himself. She doesn’t need Robert’s help any longer…

Left alone as Rebecca skipped off smiling that her dad was on the mend and in charge again, Robert was raging and angrily trashed the office and punched the wall in frustration, his grand plan foiled.

It makes you wonder what he could resort to next – with the White family exiting this autumn, could Robert end up murdering Lawrence to get his hands on the Home Farm fortune?


Next week, Robert regroups and tries another method to continue with his plan to wipe out the White patriarch, bribing Jimmy King to do a cheeky (and possibly illegal) little errand for him while he’s away in Brussels – but why does he ask dim Jim to post a letter addressed to Home Farm when Rob could just send it himself? Why indeed…

And that lie about the painkillers comes back to bite him as Emma gets on his case about missing an appointment to discuss his fake diazepam addiction. When Rebecca clocks them chatting she suspects something’s up, so deceitful Mr Sugden has to weave a whole new web of lies to keep his plan on track…

Where will it end? Could Lawrence go the same way as poor old Katie…?

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