This shot for shot remake of the Thor: Ragnarok trailer is low-budget entertainment at its best

The real Hulk is the one on the right


The latest Thor: Ragnarok trailer may have had pitted the titular God of Thunder against green machine the Hulk and Cate Blanchett’s goddess of death Hela, but did it have a cardboard ship sellotaped to a stick? No. It did not.


And as much as there’s probably a good reason for that, it hasn’t stopped Swedish YouTube channel lennoxasaki from creating their own shot-for-shot budget version, complete with a trainer-wearing Thor battling a butterfly net in an empty car park, a cardboard sword and a teddy bear doubling as an alien grizzly beast.

No, it doesn’t feature Tom Hiddleston, but it does have a guy in a green cardboard box playing the Hulk. So there’s that.


Thor: Ragnarok is in UK cinemas from 27th October 2017. This isn’t