EastEnders: Steven to kill Jane in shock showdown?

Will next week's showdown end in tragedy?


Steven and Jane look set to have a potentially deadly clash in next week’s EastEnders as long-standing secrets are finally exposed.


The upcoming drama sees Jane turn detective and discover all about both Max’s revenge plan and Steven’s tumour lie.

But fans will be left on tenterhooks to see how far the Walford schemers will go to make sure Jane stays silent.

In the week beginning Monday 4 September, Jane will be witnessed piecing together the facts and confronting Steven, who confirms Max’s involvement in his duplicity.


Machiavellian Max will then go eyeball to eyeball with Jane in the cafe and it quickly becomes apparent that he needs to act fact if he needs to stay in control of the situation.

Later on, a panicked Max plays mind games with Steven and insists that he sorts the problem with Jane once and for all.

With the residents of the Square distracted in the wake of a devastating gas explosion (more on that here), Steven decides to have it out with Jane at Beales restaurant.


As the pair’s battle intensifies, the pressure becomes unbearable for Steven and he resorts to desperate measures – taking a match to Beales restaurant. But is Jane still inside the building as Steven commits arson? And will his rash actions have tragic consequences?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below


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