Peter Capaldi on his last day filming Doctor Who: “Tomorrow I’ll be a nobody”

Nicholas Briggs recounts the Doctor's emotional last day


Poor Peter Capaldi. One day you’re ‘Doctor Who’. The next, you’re just ‘Who?’


Capaldi has always had a wry view of his own lifespan on the show – he used to joke with journalists about eventually having the ‘Hartnell conversation’ and being shown the door. That self-deprecating side was on full display during his last day of filming.

“Peter is a very level-headed sort of chap,” Nicholas Briggs – who voices the Daleks and many other monsters– told Doctor Who Magazine. “He was lots of fun all day, saying things like, ‘And tomorrow, I’ll just be a nobody again.’”

Nevertheless, not everyone could contain their feelings, with Briggs himself bursting into tears watching the rehearsal. He spoke for many fans when he reassured Capaldi “that would never happen. Not once you’ve been the Doctor. You’re the Doctor forever.”

And by the end of the day, even the Doctor himself would have been overwhelmed with emotion.

“It was only after the final take on the final shot, when all of us just went onto the set and crowded round him that he showed his emotions. As he thanked us all, there was a slight in his voice, which he steadfastly bore down on and eliminated. We had a huge hug.”


Well, you know what they say about hugs…