Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood has a surprising Game of Thrones lookalike

Frosting is coming

1 1 1 Paul

Like all of us, Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has been watching Game of Thrones – but unlike the majority of viewers, he’s already found common cause with the series’ greatest villain.


Yep, that’s right – Paul can’t deny his similarities to the deadly, blue eyed and frost-tipped White Walker leader the Night King, and the more we think about it, the more common ground we can see between them.

Both are snappy dressers, both strike fear into the hearts of their challengers and both like to see the fruits of their labour rise to service. Hell, they even share a love of frosting things.

Looking forward, we can only hope this newfound Thrones love will grant Paul the option of an Ed Sheeran-like cameo in the final series. Maybe Hot Pie needs an assistant or something.


The Great British Bake Off begins on Channel 4 on Monday 28th August