EastEnders: Steven convinces Abi to lie for him, but at what cost?

The net closes in for the beleaguered Mr Beale

EastEnders Abi Steven kiss

EastEnders’ Steven Beale ended an eventful week by persuading Abi Branning to lie for him after being set up by Max – but as he gets in too deep with his fiancee’s sly sister and her dastardly dad, how long before all his deceit comes back to bite him?


Yesterday’s episode saw Steven fearing he’d committed murder having been forced by Max to torch a property to get rid of some tenants, under threat of his future father-in-law telling Lauren about his brain tumour lie.

Desperate for an alibi, in tonight’s instalment Steven seduced Abi and played on her obsession with him, declaring his love for her and bedding the blonde – before begging her to lie that he was with her the night before in case anyone asked. Like, for instance, the police…

Abs saw right through her fella but left him on the ropes as she agreed to his request, but on the condition they continue their affair and he promised himself to her once he dumped Lauren. So she’s basically got Steven exactly where she wants him…

EastEnders Max Steven confrontation

Thankfully it emerged no one was hurt in the property incident so Steven was off the hook, but his relief was short-lived when Max implied he still expected Steven to do his dirty work.

With Aaron Sidwell confirmed as leaving soon, it can’t be long before it all comes crashing down for psycho Steven. We’re predicting a wedding day showdown as Lauren learns the awful truth…


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