EastEnders: are Linda and Woody having a secret affair?

A suspicious phone call revealed he knows what Mrs Carter's big secret is...

EastEnders Linda suspicious

EastEnders teased us further about Linda Carter’s big secret in tonight’s episode, as it appears Woody is in the know about what she’s hiding.


Nosy Shirley couldn’t help but overhear a suspicious phone conversation between L and the Vic’s former relief manager in which Linda discussed something she was clearly hiding from her husband. “It’s not the best time to tell Mick,” she sighed, before adding: “I just can’t…”

EastEnders Shirley suspicious

When Shirl later confronted Linda about what it was Mick was in the dark about, she was given a very unconvincing cover story about an impending visit from her mum Elaine Peacock. Deciding not to pursue it at this stage, Shirley accepted Linda’s explanation – but clearly didn’t believe a word of it.

Now this is an interesting twist – speculation is already rife as to why Linda has lied about having to be away from her family and nurse Elaine for most of this year when viewers have seen her looking fit as a fiddle in her Watford pub and having ambiguous exchanges with her daughter about keeping something important from her hubby.


Has Linda been having an affair with Woody? The fact he’s engaged to Whitney would make the whole Linda/Mick/Whitney triangle even more complicated. Could she even be pregnant by him?

Even if it’s not an affair, the fact Mick’s nemesis knows something intimate about his missus won’t go down well when the truth comes out.

But just when will that be?


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