What time is Don’t Tell the Bride on TV?

Grooms will once again try their luck at planning their brides' dream wedding


Don’t Tell the Bride is back for a new series on a new channel and it’s still as ridiculous as ever. Here’s all the information you need… 


What time is it on?

Don’t Tell the Bride continues on Wednesday at 9pm on E4.

What’s it all about?

Despite appearing on a new channel the programme will follow the same format as before. Grooms will be given £14,000 and three weeks to organise the perfect wedding – but as ever things don’t always quite go to plan…

What were some of the worst wedding disasters?

Don’t Tell the Bride has had its fair share of cringey moments over its 12 series. Over the years the grooms have proven that love doesn’t conquer all and that there are plenty of ways to ruin a good relationship.

Some of the most outrageous moments include an extra-terrestrial themed wedding, complete with an alien autopsy at the altar; saying ‘I do’ on a rollercoaster and a wedding reception at leisure centre. One husband-to-be spectacularly blew it when he spent all the budget on a trip to Vegas, meaning he couldn’t afford to put the bride’s own brother on the guest-list. 

How will this years fiancées fare?


This series of Don’t Tell the Bride promises to have as many tears and tantrums as ever. Disastrous wedding arrangements will include walking down the aisle in a pink leotard, a Mexican-themed wedding and a ceremony on a pig farm. Who said romance was dead?