EastEnders: Phil and Jay two-hander episode is very shocking, says Jamie Borthwick

The surprise drama could spell the end of Jay's relationship with the Mitchells


Next week’s EastEnders will see Jay and Phil have a huge showdown in a two-hander episode. The reason for the confrontation comes after Phil admits that he was responsible for the death of Jay’s death! Fans can see how it all pans out next Monday, but here Jamie Borthwick reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets of the dramatic encounter that sees Jay left reeling after Phil tries to ease his own growing sense of guilt…


How is Jay feeling after Phil offers him the car lot? Why does he think Phil is doing this?
He feels very happy at first, he’s very flattered. Although he’s confused when he discovers just how much it’s actually worth and just how meaningful it is. So, very flattered but then confused as to why he gave it to him and not Ben or Louise.

Before the secret about how much the car lot is worth comes out, what is his relationship like with Ben and Phil?
His relationship is good up until that point. Both Ben and Jay are very gracious of each other’s gifts; he’s very flattered by what Phil’s done for him.

How does he feel when he realises how much the car lot is really worth?
I would say shocked, he’s in a shocked state. But it’s then he starts to realise that there might actually be something else going on with Phil. Which is why he then goes to try and find out what it is.


How shocked do you think viewers will be when they find out what’s in store in the two-hander?
Very shocked. There’s something in there that I think is going to leave viewers saying “whoa”. I think they’ll be very shocked. It’s classic EastEnders.

What did you make of the storyline when you found out?
I definitely thought it was a good story. It’s something quite unexpected and out of the box. To be given the opportunity to do something like this is great.

How did you react when you learned it was going to be a two-hander?
I was very flattered to be trusted with such an important thing; and to hold court with Steve McFadden for half an hour [laughs]. Hopefully I’ve done quite well and kept up with him. I just try and do my best all the time and hopefully everyone will be happy.

How was it different filming it compared to other episodes?
It was almost like a film format. We managed to get some rehearsals in just before because the scenes were so long. I think one scene was 11 minutes or something like that. It was great. We were in a studio with all the crew and were just left to our own devices to be creative and do what we had to do. Full credit has to go to every single person on that crew, they threw everything at this episode and it was just fantastic. I really enjoyed it. It was like making a film or doing a play. It was fantastic I really, really enjoyed it.


Have you enjoyed the grittiness?
Yeah I really have. It all really kicks in from then on and in the following episodes. Jay has a big tear-up with Ben and this whole thing just changes everything for him. It was all exciting stuff.

What’s it like filming such dramatic stuff with Steve?
It’s fantastic. I’ve said it for years but anything I’ve ever done or will do with Steve is always going to be an opportunity to learn and be brilliant. I have to say he was outstanding both on-screen and off-screen. It was a massive feat and we had a really nice chat. He put me at ease and he took away any fear that I did have so I could just run free. I really appreciate all his help on this.

How is Jay going to cope going forward?
It’s a huge shock in his life. I think he adapts to it in himself, he has a lot of input from other people in his life. He’s got Ben in his ear and Billy and Honey are there. So I think he adapts to the situation but it’s left a huge mark on him.

What does all of this mean for Jay?
It means that all this time between him and Phil has just been wasted. His whole relationship with Phil has been ruined. He can never forgive him for what’s happened. He’s distraught. But Phil has done so much for him so he’s torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. He can’t forgive Phil for what he’s done but Phil’s been an influence on his life, without Phil he’d have no money, wouldn’t have had anywhere to live, so he’s really in a tricky position that’s for sure.

Could it mean the end of his relationship with the Mitchells?
Potentially. It’s huge.

If you were Jay’s friend, what advice would you give him at this point?
I would say that the past is the past. I know it’s a huge thing to discover but what has happened has happened. Phil is sorry, he’s very sorry and I’d tell Jay to bear that in mind.


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