Coronation Street boss teases big 2018 storyline – “It scares me”

Kate Oates adds, "But if it's taken in the way we intend, it could do a lot of good"


Coronation Street producer Kate Oates has revealed that a dark upcoming storyline has left her feeling apprehensive.


Asked about her future as the boss on the ITV soap in the new issue of Radio Times, Oates said: “There are still stories I’m passionate about telling.

“We’re doing one next year that scares me a bit, but if it’s taken in the way we intend, it could do a lot of good.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Oates also revealed that she’s bringing back Weatherfield icon Carla Connor (Alison King) for Christmas and also talked about how the look of the Street itself will change once the drama moves to six episodes a week from the autumn.


Asked whether there would come up a point when there was just too much Coronation Street in the schedules for viewers to keep up with, the producer replied:

“What it possibly means is that people will now choose to watch one or two soaps rather than the whole lot. Who has that much time in their lives? But the ratings for Corrie show that there is an appetite for it – I’m just hoping that people remain engaged with the storylines.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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