Karen Gillan wants to play a female Joker

The Guardian's of the Galaxy star has hinted that she is keen to make a jump into DC's Batman franchise


Former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan wants to play a female version of Batman’s arch-rival, the Joker.


According to Screen Rant, Gillan was asked at Florida SuperCon earlier this month which character she would like to play from a fandom outside of the Marvel Universe.

“Oh, can I say something DC? Okay, I’m going to say something DC, and I’m going to play the Joker. Maybe a female Joker,” said the actress who plays Nebula in  Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

We’ve had some varied depictions of the villain in the last thirty years, including Heath Ledger’s legendary performance in The Dark Knight and Jared Leto’s appearance in last year’s Suicide Squad. But a female Joker, now that sounds interesting.

And, surprisingly, there is some precedent for it, in the form of an incredibly grim-sounding comic book series from 2011 that occurred in an alternate timeline in which Bruce Wayne, rather than his parents, died, meaning his father became Batman and his mother became the Joker after being driven mad by watching her son die.

When she was informed that a female joker exists in the comic books, Gillan doubled down.

“This is my calling! Somebody make a call for me and let them know I’m available.”


Here’s hoping someone at DC was listening.