Neighbours: Tyler discovers he’s not a Brennan brother next week

The boys are reeling from the bombshell, how will Tyler cope?


The mystery of which Brennan brother has a different dad is solved in Neighbours next week when youngest sibling Tyler discovers he is the result of his mum’s affair with another man.


Returning from their father Russell’s funeral in their home town of Port Lincoln, Mark, Aaron and Tyler have an envelope each left to them by the recently-passed patriarch.

As they talk to Russell’s ex Sheila Canning about their loss, the nosy neighbour puts her foot firmly in it when she starts talking about their mum Fay’s admission to her last week that one of her sons is not Russell’s, thinking the boys already knew. Oops…


Reeling from Sheila’s ill-timed outburst, the brothers summon Fay back to Ramsay Street and demand answers. Eventually admitting she cheated on Russell at the height of the problems in their marriage, she reveals Tyler was a product of her infidelity.

Wondering whether Russell beat him as a child because he resented him as a reminder of his wife’s affair, Tyler struggles to process the news and make sense of his past. Ordering his mum to leave, he lashes out and trashes a model boat Russell left his sons.

Girlfriend Piper Willis tries to reach out to her fella, but it seems no one can get through to him.

Fay tells her son his real dad is a man called Hamish Roche, but when Piper suggests they try and look for him Tyler shuts it down. But will he be able to resist seeking out his biological father as he realises he has many questions that maybe only he could answer? And how can the Brennans move forward after this bombshell?


Neighbours airs these scenes on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 August on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.