Home and Away: Kat accuses Tori of trying to steal Ash

The Summer Bay love triangle sizzles as Tori's secret crush is exposed


Kat Chapman clocks Tori Morgan’s crush on her boyfriend Ash Ashford in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, and blames her for trying to split them up. Can Tori keep a lid on her feelings, and who does Ash’s heart really belong to? 


Lovesick Tori struggles as both Kat and Ash privately discuss their recent romantic ructions with their friend, unaware of the tricky position this puts the distracted doctor in as she’s harbouring a secret attraction to Mr Ashford. Confiding in sibling Mason about the awkward scenario, he tells her to stop getting so close to the couple so they can work through their issues.

When Kat realises both she and her boyfriend have been bending the medic’s ear, she’s threatened by the fact Ash has been opening up to another woman about his emotions. Playing over the last few weeks in her head, she also works out it was Tori who encouraged her to be honest with Ash about her misgivings over motherhood and doubts about adopting Luc – which led to them breaking up.

Thinking Tori has been deliberately causing a rift in their relationship so she can have Ash for herself, Kat demands her man keep away from Ms Morgan. Spotting them in a clinch at the cop shop doesn’t help matters, despite Ash’s claims he was just being a mate as Tori endures yet another drama with her druggy brother Brody getting on the wrong side of the law.

Ash thinks Kat’s got the wrong end of the stick, but after he shares her suspicions with Tori her embarrassed reaction makes anxious Mr Ashford realise Kat was right all along – Tori does have the hots for him.

The big question is, does he secretly feel the same?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 August on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.