EastEnders: take that! Linda slaps Mick for seeing Whitney in secret

He just couldn't help himself, could he?


EastEnders’ Linda Carter slapped husband Mick for seeing Whitney in secret, as the emotional roller coaster of the Carters’ marriage took another heartbreaking twist. 


Going against the promise he made just 24 hours earlier to Linda that he’d stay away from his daughter-in-law, Mick visited Whitney when he found out she was at Stacey’s and offered her an envelope full of cash. Claiming it was ‘redundancy’ from the Vic as it was his fault she’d been sacked, Whitney was affronted that Mick was trying to pay her off and told him to keep his ‘dirty money’.


Meanwhile, Jack Branning was doing a grand job of convincing L to forgive Mick and fight for their future and everything was looking rosy.

But all that good work was undone when bossy Fi Browning later discovered someone had dipped their hand in the till and Linda realised Mick had taken it for Whitney. Angry he’d seen Whit behind her back, Linda delivered an almighty slap across the bar in full view of a packed pub. 

Just how much more of the Carter marriage crisis can occur before it completely falls apart? No wonder there’s still an awkward vibe next week as Mick and L attempt to get back to normal…

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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