Coronation Street: Leanne and Steve’s wedding is OFF!

The couple came to blows and called it a day, but does Tracy still fancy her ex?


If you were excited about the upcoming wedding of Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby, then we’ve got bad news – the whole thing’s been called off after the pair realised they were better off as mates. Well, we could’ve told them that…


Despite already having a child together, Steve and Leanne had struggled to find the romantic spark in their relationship after Mr McDonald spontaneously popped the question last week. She said no, but then get roaring drunk and said yes. Then went to call it off the next day only to be emotionally blackmailed by a second, embarrassingly public second proposal. Actually it’s a miracle this lasted a week…

Lee and Steve have been attempting to convince themselves getting hitched was a good idea while everyone around them pointed out there was about as much chemistry as there was, in the words of Steve’s perceptive mum Liz: “in Liza Minnelli’s last marriage.”  

Tonight, the unlikely couple came to blows when Lee lashed out at her fiance, slapping him round the face when she received a bunch of flowers with a smutty message attached. Bitchy Tracy Barlow was to blame, however, having deliberately doctored the note as a prank, but the incident made Leanne and Steve reconsider just how compatible they actually were.   

Deciding everyone else was right and they were better off as friends, Weatherfield’s potential wedding of the year was called off – much to the disappointment of fans who’ve been pleasantly surprised as to how entertaining this brief partnership has been. 

Meanwhile, Mary Taylor seemed to hit the nail on the head when she accused Tracy of playing the practical joke on Steve because she was jealous – does Ms Barlow still hold a torch for her ex? And is there any woman left on the cobbles who Steve hasn’t at least contemplated tying the knot with? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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