Freeview film of the day: Warrior

Tom Hardy and Joel Egerton star as two brothers reconnecting during a Mixed Martial Arts tournament


Warrior ★★★★ 
11.00pm-1.40am Spike 


The following is featured in the Warrior trailer, so it can’t really be classed as a spoiler. But when the announcer at this film’s climactic mixed martial arts tournament shouts, “This is impossible! The two men competing for the championship tonight are brothers!”, one thing he reveals himself not to be is a student of Hollywood movies. One of the siblings is Tom Hardy, a US Marine hero, who decides to enter the contest in order to help a fallen buddy’s bereaved family with the $5 million prize money. Joel Edgerton plays his brother, a former fighter turned schoolteacher, who needs the cash to pay for his daughter’s expensive operation. There can only be one realistic outcome — and that’s not a fault with Gavin O’Connor’s film, but a selling point. The siblings are estranged, their dad (Nick Nolte) is a reformed alcoholic who found God, and Hardy and Edgerton are gym-pumped beefcakes. It all adds up to a noisy, high-def B-movie with biblical overtones, and the contemporary military angle helps up the ante. What more could you want? 


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