Coronation Street: Luke and Alya’s secret romance exposed

Kate catches the flatmates with benefits in the act next week


Three is definitely a crowd for Coronation Street’s Kate Connor next week when she catches flatmates Luke Britton and Alya Nazir in a clinch, and doesn’t relish the idea of playing gooseberry in her own home.


Despite getting off to a false start, Luke and Alya have started a tentative romance but are keen to keep it under the radar. Only Alya’s sister-in-law Rana is in the know, but the pair aren’t yet ready to go public.

So there’s much sneaking around in the twentysomethings’ flat as the couple wait for oblivious Kate to leave for work before getting some alone time, not wanting to put their fellow flatmate in an awkward position.

Unfortunately they end up being outed in next Friday’s episode when they’re so caught up in a furtive fumble they don’t notice Ms Connor has got home early and busted their burgeoning romance.

Far from being happy that these two singletons have found love, Kate rails at the randy pair for keeping it a secret and forcing her to become a spare part in her own place. She’s got a point…

Will Kate’s reaction put the mockers on the relationship before it’s even got off the ground?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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