Coronation Street: Gemma arrested for robbing Rita

The kebab shop worker's past catches up with her next week


Police descend on the cobbles next week when Rita Tanner is robbed, and points the finger at lodger Gemma Winter. Can the gobby girl prove her innocence or is her tight friendship – and hilarious on-screen partnership – with Coronation Street’s Kabin queen under threat?


Gemma is reunited with Zoe and Roxy, two pals from her rough old neighbourhood, on Monday, but just like most of the other undesirables from the Dog and Gun gang they soon start causing trouble.

Keen to impress her old friends, and feeling sorry for herself after one too many bitchy digs from Jenny Bradley, Gemma invites them up to Rita’s place where they raid the drinks cabinet and make a right old racket. Fuming to find her flat overrun with wrong’uns, Rita throws Zoe and Roxy out and takes Gemma to task for letting them in.

Unfortunately, distracted Rita doesn’t realise she fails to lock the Kabin door, leaving the way clear for Zoe and Roxy to rob the place. 

When the disturbance is discovered and Rita realises she’s also had money pinched from her purse, she immediately blames Gemma, accusing her of planning with her dodgy pals to steal from her.  

Tearfully denying she’d ever do such a thing to her beloved Reet, Gemma is stunned when the cops are called on Friday and she’s taken in for questioning over the incident. Cathy assures Rita she must’ve got it wrong, but Mrs T is convinced Gemma’s gone back to her old thieving ways.

Can Gemma clear her name? And could the fact Rita forgot to lock the door have anything to do with this rumoured dementia storyline Corrie may be lining up?  

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