Coronation Street: Adam makes a move on Eva next week

And is Maria getting suspicious?


Eva Price’s revenge plot against cheating fiance Aidan Connor gets complicated in next week’s Coronation Street when Adam Barlow tries to kiss her and Maria Connor starts to suspect she’s up to something – so she does a runner to France! 


Feeling guilty about fooling her fella into thinking she’s carrying his baby, Eva tells her sister Leanne Battersby on Monday her plan has gone far enough and she intends to stop her scheming… But her little wobble is quickly forgotten when Eva throws a diva strop and demands her and Aidan have a big fat double wedding with Johnny and Jenny Bradley (needless to say, Jenny’s none too pleased).  

Secretly thanking partner in crime Adam Barlow for all his support in her epic plan, Eva admits the pressure is getting to her so he suggests she get away and visit her mum in France – then the lecherous legal eagle leans in for a kiss! Will Ms Price reciprocate amorous Adam’s advances?

Later, Eva summons her bridesmaid and so-called best friend Maria Connor to the flat, and reveals she’s going away for a while but is leaving her in charge of wedding and hen night plans. Homewrecker Maria is nervous – as well she should be – and later tells Aidan she suspects Eva and Adam are up to something…

How long can Eva keep up the pretence of the fake pregnancy? Will she really go through with the double wedding deceit or dump him before they make it to the big day? Is Maria getting close to the truth? And are Eva and Adam about to embark on a clandestine affair, just to make this whole thing even more difficult to follow?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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