Love Island’s Olivia tells fans to “relax” amid claims she’s split up with Chris

First Alex and Montana, now this...


When they were in Love Island, we found it pretty tricky to keep up with whether Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes were on or off. And that was with daily updates from the villa!


Now the pair are on ‘the outside’ and back in the real world, it’s proving even trickier getting to the bottom of things.

Olivia was photographed engaging in what looked like some rather muggy behaviour when pictures of her emerged getting close to her ex-boyfriend and Blackburn Rovers footballer Bradley Dack over the weekend.

Reports have swirled since, suggesting that her and Chris have broken up. However, Olivia has taken to Twitter to firmly tell everyone to calm down over the whole situation and that Chris was actually there when those pictures were taken:

But we’re thoroughly confused. On social media, Chris has so far remained silent on the whole debacle. However, someone purporting to be a “close pal” of Chris’s told The Sun that he was “furious” and “heartbroken” over the pictures.

“It’s clear that they are more than just mates,” the source said. “So he’s dumped her.”

Does Liv know about this? Either way, something tells us this isn’t over.

Meanwhile in more are they / aren’t they Love Island couple news, there is also confusion over the relationship status between Montana Brown and Alex Beattie.

During the ITV2 reunion show, the pair were quick to shoot down claims that they had already parted ways, just a week after the programme ended.

Now, Montana’s Instagram has remained a somewhat Alex-free zone, instead filled with posts about jetting off to LA as the new face of a clothing company.


We reckon ITV2 need to sort out some camera crews and some catch-up programmes to get to the bottom of just what the heck is going on with all these lot!