Coronation Street: Michelle Connor’s ex Will revealed as sinister stalker in shock twist

'Chelle survives her kidnap ordeal, but has no idea who was behind it - but we do...


Coronation Street has revealed the identity of the man who kidnapped Michelle Connor to be her ex-boyfriend, Will Chatterton – but it’s only viewers who know the truth as he continues his secret stalking in plain sight…


Surviving her abduction ordeal after being rescued from the boot of a car she’d be locked in having been drugged while drinking alone in a bar, traumatised Michelle told the police she couldn’t remember how she ended up bound and gagged and fearing for her life.

Boyfriend Robert Preston still believes his old enemy, dodgy drug dealer Rich Collis, was responsible and also behind the entire intimidation campaign that has targeted the Bistro and Robert and Michelle’s home. Despite being told by police Rich had an alibi, raging Robert paid him a visit and battered the bald baddie.

When concerned Maria later called caring new boyfriend, and ‘Chelle’s childhood sweetheart, Will to tell him Robert had been arrested for assaulting Rich, he lied to Maria as to his whereabouts and insisted he come over so he could keep them safe from harm.

After the call, he produced Michelle’s distinctive missing keyring – described by the police earlier – from his pocket and slipped them down a drain, giving an evil smile as viewers realised to their horror he kidnapped his old flame…

Now Will is dating Maria, he’s perfectly placed to get closer to his prey – but how far will he take his obsession?

Has he been planning this since Michelle rejected him last year when they almost embarked on an affair? Does he blame her for wrecking his previous engagement when he realised he still had feelings for her? Or does he want Robert out of the way so he can get Michelle all to himself? Is unsuspecting Maria in danger of being caught up in his plan?

And to think he seemed like such a mild-mannered young man in those Clark Kent glasses… 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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