Neighbours: shock death rocks the Brennans next week

Life will never be the same for Tyler, Aaron and Mark


Neighbours’ Brennan boys take centre stage next week when they receive the devastating news that their father Russell has passed away – but his death brings to light a secret from the past that will rock the family… and when grieving Tyler is then run over, is there more tragedy ahead?


Fay reveals to her estranged sons that Russell has had a heart attack and is asking to see his kids in person. Struggling with their conflicted feelings towards their flawed dad, the boys face a difficult decision – but sadly it’s one they don’t have to make in the end as the tragic news comes from Port Lincoln that Russell has died.

Tyler blames himself for deliberating over whether to visit, as he didn’t feel ready to confront his father since his childhood abuse was exposed, and thinks he denied his siblings the chance to say goodbye and make their peace.

Reeling with grief, tormented Tyler runs from the Shed – straight into the path of Mishti Sharma, who runs over the mixed-up mechanic as she’s distracted by her own emotional issues following a fight with Leo Tanaka.

Aaron races to his brother’s aid as he goes flying off the boot of the car – luckily Tyler’s injuries aren’t life-threatening, but the incident only adds to the Brennan broods’ difficult week.

However, unbeknown to the buff brothers, Fay confides in Sheila Canning the truth about Russell’s final words – ‘Memory Cove’. Far from being a happy recollection of a place he remembers from childhood as his sons assume, Fay reveals the secret behind the location: it’s actually where Fay confessed to her ex years ago she’d had an affair that resulted in her getting pregnant with one of the boys, which marked the beginning of the end for their marriage…

So which of the lads isn’t actually a Brennan? Who is their real father? And why has Fay entrusted this important information to Sheila, the biggest gossip in Erinsborough? 

Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 August on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.