Theon faces a very awkward reunion in new Game of Thrones photos

Plus, Littlefinger goes full sneaky mode and Jaime is shaken by a sight in the distance...


Oh, Theon. It was going so well for Game of Thrones’ foremost Greyjoy, the former Bolton slave appearing to have quelled his cowardly tendencies with a leading role in Daenerys’ invading fleet. However, in episode two this season he went full Reek by jumping off-ship during a battle with uncle Euron, abandoning his sister Yara.  


And although Theon successfully saved himself, new pictures for episode four The Spoils of War show Greyjoy stepping on shore to greet a not-too-happy Mother of Dragons…


Will former Winterfell chum Jon Snow be happy to see him? And can Theon convince the queen he didn’t run away in the heat of battle? 


Here’s hoping: Daenerys is likely to be fuming after hearing the Lannisters overthrew allies the Tyrells at Highgarden…


In fact, as the episode four trailer shows, her second military defeat will prompt Stormborn to drop any “clever plans”, which means we might finally see her dragons fly into battle. Which would explain what Bronn and Jaime are looking so worried about…


Elsewhere in Westeros, Cersei’s back on the vino, seemingly enjoying her recent victories with Bravos Iron Banker Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gattis).


And further north Sansa is standing by the Godswood, having a good look at, erm, something. Bran, perhaps?


Speaking of ambiguous staring, here’s Brienne and Podrick looking over what appears to be the Winterfell courtyard…


…And it looks like crafty ole’ Littlefinger is staring at both of them. Just what is he up to? We’re guessing it’s nothing good.


So, apart from these photos, do we have any other clues about what will happen in the episode? Absolutely: Thrones cinematographer Robert McLachlan told that episode four was “uncommonly” hard to produce, hinting we’re in for a ““surprising and epic” instalment. As long as that doesn’t mean Tyrion is killed off, we’re VERY excited.


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