Shaun Williamson couldn’t hear any of his secret tasks on Celebrity Big Brother and it was so awkward

Barry from EastEnders was set loads of tasks when he got into CBB. Trouble was, he had no idea what they were


Celebrity Big Brother contestant Shaun Williamson was the first to face a secret task during Tuesday’s launch show, but things didn’t go exactly to plan.


Wearing a hidden earpiece, Shaun was supposed to be following orders dictated by Big Brother in an undercover mission.

He probably would have carried them out… if he could hear properly.

Poor Shaun, who was told he had to appear the most nervous housemate of all time, did manage to convince Sandi to stay with him as the rest of the housemates enjoyed a booze up in the garden, got Chad Johnson to stroke his chin and even got a (very short) hug from Derek Acorah.

However he seemed to be struggling to hear exactly what his missions were, and at one point had to go into a quiet corner and mutter to himself. Which wasn’t at all suspicious.

Anyway, Twitter found the whole thing totes awks:

Poor Shaun. Has this man not suffered enough over the years without having to ask Brandi off of Real Housewives to pour water over his face live on TV?


If this is what happens on day one, we dread to think what else CBB has in store for our Barry over the coming weeks…

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