“It looks like a Poundland version of Love Island” – Viewers react to first look at Make or Break? on Channel 5

Channel 5 heavily trailed its new reality series before the launch of Celebrity Big Brother. Not everyone was convinced...


An exotic location, recoupling, grafting and arguing… are we having déjà vu?


Admittedly we’ve struggled to cope these past two weeks without Love Island. But we’re not sure that Channel 5’s brand new show Make or Break? is quite the answer.

The show sees eight loved-up couples arrive on an island, where they will be torn apart and recoupled with other people to see if their relationships really are as strong as they think.

Basically, it’s like starting at the midway point on Love Island, and should cause as much drama as when Georgia stole Kem from Amber. Which admittedly, did make amazing TV.

But after seeing a five-minute sneak preview of the show before the launch of Celebrity Big Brother, most people just weren’t buying it on Twitter:

 Although frankly, this tweet just about sums the whole thing up:


Make or Break? starts at 10pm Monday 7th August on Channel 5