Did you know Dom from Love Island once appeared in Skins?

An eagle-eyed fan has spotted his brief (yet affecting) role in the teen drama’s final series


It turns out that Blazing Squad’s Marcel Somerville wasn’t the only artiste on Love Island this year, as it has just come to light that Dom Lever had a (very, very, very brief) career as a thespian on Skins back in the day.


Dom appeared in the final series of the E4 teen drama for approximately two seconds, checking out Kaya Scodelario’s infamous character Effy Stonem as she flounces past him in the corridor. 

Four years later, an eagle-eyed fan spotted his unmistakably expressive eyebrows and shared the clip on Twitter…

This was followed by a barrage of tweets asking Dom to confirm whether the young actor in the clip was indeed him. 

Eventually, and rather sheepishly, Dom admitted that it was.


Move over, Marcel.