Emmerdale: Lawrence fights for his life as Ronnie makes emotional exit – what happens next?

Will Lawrence survive after collapsing at Home Farm?


Emmerdale’s Lawrence White was left fighting for his life – again – after collapsing at Home Farm following the shock revelations about his part in the death of daughter Chrissie’s real dad, which also drove Larry’s lover Ronnie Hale away from the village for good. But will Lawrence survive?


On the day Larry and Ron were due to start a new life together in Cornwall, Tim Richards blabbed to the entire Home Farm family the grim truth about how his late brother (and Chrissie’s biological father) John was driven to suicide when Lawrence framed him for a crime he didn’t commit in order to keep him from getting custody of Chrissie.

Ronnie was horrified and walked out on his partner, despite Lawrence’s pleas for forgiveness, while Chrissie was inconsolable at the news as she confided her hurt in sister Rebecca.

Desperate to get her dad to talk things over with Ronnie, Rebecca rang Mr Hale’s mobile as he waited for a train out of Yorkshire and urged him to wait five minutes, promising to get Lawrence to call him back.

But disaster struck in the Home Farm lounge when Lawrence suddenly gripped his head in agony and slumped unconscious to the floor…

Rushing home, Chrissie and Lachlan joined frantic Rebecca as the ambulance arrived and carted the head of Home Farm off to hospital – as Ronnie cut a lonely figure on a station platform waiting for a call. When it didn’t come, the heartbroken Mr Hale boarded the train and left Lawrence’s life for good – unaware his beloved was fighting for his life…

Emmerdale have confirmed this marks John McArdle’s exit as Ronnie Hale, but Lawrence’s fate remains in the balance. John Bowe is also due to leave the show soon, but teasers for next week’s episodes reveal Lawrence is recovering and is soon back in the big house – where former son-in-law Robert Sugden begins drugging the poisonous patriarch to seize control of his empire and inadvertently causes a terrifying accident. So Larry’s days are still numbered…

Where do the Whites go from here? Can Chrissie forgive Lawrence for lying to her about her real dad? And will Lawrence make a full recovery and eventually sail off into the sunset to join Ronnie on a Cornish beach and live happily ever after?  

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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