Emmerdale: Home Farm crash horror puts Lachlan and Belle in danger

Has Lawrence killed his own grandson?


Home Farm’s zombie-themed event takes a scary turn in next week’s Emmerdale, but for all the wrong reasons as drugged Lawrence White gets behind the wheel and crashes his car – heading straight for grandson Lachlan and girlfriend Belle Dingle… 


Rotten Robert Sugden puts his latest plan to mess with arch enemy Lawrence into action when he secretly laces Mr White’s favourite brandy with crushed up insomnia pills. When Larry is let out of hospital following a recent health scare, he settles himself back at Home Farm and has a few medicinal sips of brandy – unaware he’s being drugged.

And when Rebecca and Lucky arrive home unexpectedly, Rob has to act quickly to make it look like he’s lending a hand to the family rather than trying to destroy them from the inside…

With a ‘zombie run’ due to take place at Home Farm, Rebecca worries about her father’s health and in light of the recent White family dramas she wants to cancel the event.


Lachlan steps in and insists it’s business as usual, and it’s soon fun and games with people dressed as the undead chasing each other through Home Farm woods (sounds thrilling…).


Meanwhile, Lawrence has dozed off and awakes in an agitated state due to the drugs – confused as to all the noises around the house, and not realising how out of it he is, the drowsy patriarch gets in his car to investigate but inevitably loses control of the vehicle and goes ploughing into the crowd…

As he speeds towards a terrified Lachlan, Belle and Sarah Dingle, the day threatens to turn into an episode of The Walking Dead for real. Will there be any casualties? And will anyone discover Robert is to blame for Lawrence’s intoxicated state?  

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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