Coronation Street: Robert attacks Rich as Michelle disappears

The vendetta turns dark next week, but who's really behind it?


Robert Preston goes on the rampage in next week’s Coronation Street as he attacks drug dealer Rich for waging a campaign of terror against him and girlfriend Michelle Connor – but has he got the wrong man?


When Michelle fails to return home on Monday after a night out alone, frantic Robert fears she could be in danger from whoever’s been targeting them over the past few weeks – following arson attacks, break-ins and menacing graffiti, he’s right to be worried.

Tracking down dodgy drug dealer Rich – despite police telling him he has an alibi putting him in the clear for Michelle’s possible abduction – Robert batters his former friend believing he’s behind it all and warns him to stay away, threatening to finish the job next time…   


Unfortunately, it’s raging Robert who ends up in trouble when the cops come calling and arrest him for assault. By Wednesday Robert is back home on bail, but he’s still convinced rotten Richie is responsible for terrorising him and ‘Chelle.

Has Richie managed to worm his way out of suspicion and persuade the police of his innocence, or is he genuinely nothing to do with the attacks against the chef with the shady past? If he’s not to blame, then who is? 

And what exactly has happened to Michelle…?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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