Coronation Street: Gary lies to Sarah after brush with death next week

Is he putting himself in danger to provide for his family?


Gary Windass is faced with some tough decisions in next week’s Coronation Street when an accident leads him to lie to girlfriend Sarah Platt – and there could be dangerous consequences…


Starting a new job in Monday’s episode after a few cheeky pints in the Rovers (tut, tut), the boozed-up builder ends up having an accident on site due to his drunken negligence and ends up buried under a pile of bricks after some scaffolding collapses when Gazza fails to stack the bricks properly.


Rushing to hospital, stressed Sarah is relieved her fella is okay and his boss assures him the job is still his – as long as he produces his insurance paperwork. But this sends Mr Windass into a whirl because he’s not actually insured… 

When Gary’s boss Don discovers this, he’s fuming. Not only does he sack Gary, he demands £10k for the damage he caused. 

Meanwhile, Sarah has jumped the gun and put a deposit down on a pricey new flat, unaware of her boyfriend’s financial pickle. Desperate for dosh, Gary meets his old army mate Joe and agrees to take the dodgy-sounding security job in the Ukraine he previously refused as he needs the money – but fibs to Sarah he’s got a job with his dad in Hamburg, which will allow them to buy their dream home… 


Sarah swallows the deceit, not having a clue that her man is getting involved with something potentially shady and dangerous just to put a roof over their heads – and Gary himself starts having second thoughts when Joe encourages him to make a will before he leaves, just in case… 

Can Gary really get away with being in the Ukraine driving gangsters around and fooling Sarah into thinking he’s in Hamburg? Will Gary even make it out of this ‘security’ job in one piece? And once he gets a taste of the cash on offer, will Mr Windass end up getting in over his head with shifty Joe? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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