Coronation Street: Aidan confronts Eva over baby lie next week

But is the scorned Ms Price having second thoughts about her revenge scam?


Eva Price’s epic revenge plot against cheating fiance Aidan Connor looks like it could be hitting the buffers in next week’s Coronation Street when he gets suspicious about why she kept quiet about her first baby scan. Will she admit to faking the pregnancy as a way of trapping him into marriage and fleecing him financially after betraying her with homewrecker Maria?


Next Friday, Aidan excitedly announces the sale has gone through and they now own their flat – and e’s ready to make it a proper home for the three of them, with Connor-Price Junior on their way (or so he thinks).

But when Mr Connor cottons on that Eva actually has her first scan that day and failed to mention it, he questions her about why she kept quiet. Has he worked out there is no baby?


Forced to think on her feet, scheming Eva spins more lies and claims the time of the appointment has changed and arranges to meet him at the hospital later on.

Panicking she’s getting in too deep, the Price princess seeks help from Toyah Battersby, who suggests Eva print off any old scan picture from the internet and fool Aidan into thinking it’s their bubba. But first she’s got to get out of a scan appointment that never existed in the first place…

Will Toyah’s idea work, or just fuel Aidan’s suspicions even further? And is Eva starting to get cold feet about lying to Aidan as he gets increasingly excited about the prospect of fatherhood?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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